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At NTR, we are building teachers for a different kind of classroom. The classroom we envision is one where every child is known and cared for and is genuinely and regularly celebrated.  In this classroom, every child sees a reflection of himself in the content and receives the individual support they need to succeed. The teacher ensures children’s voices are elevated and acceptance is the new status quo. In this classroom, your zip code, your race, and the amount of money in your parents’ bank account have no correlation to your outcomes. 

These are the classrooms we want our Residents to create. We believe that if Residents are equipped with the mindsets, skills, and strategies they need to create culturally sustaining classrooms, students will have access to life-changing educational experiences.

Teachers are best positioned to transform student outcomes when they are… 

  • Invested in knowing, investing in, and honoring their students’ communities;

  • Working continuously to understand their own racial and cultural identities and monitoring how those identities  inform their classroom practice; 

  • Entering the practice eager to become an anti-racist educator willing to actively dismantle white supremacy in all its forms and fight the effects of racism; 

  • Embracing the power of equity to disrupt practices that have created systemic inequality and oppression. 

In order to position teachers to do this, we create learning experiences which immerse Residents in community,culture, diversity and equity work  to learn how to develop socio-cultural consciousness, build relationships with students and their caregivers,explore the cultural and systemic qualities which create disparities, and practice implementing strategies which promote inclusive academic spaces. 

Our partner schools span Nashville’s and Clarksville’s vibrant, diverse communities; therefore, it is essential that our Residents learn about the communities in which they teach.  If you would like to learn more about Culture and Community Courses or plug into a class to learn, support, or lead, please reach out to us.



Lindsey Hamilton-Mattingly 

Manager of Resident Development 

Community & Culture Content Lead

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